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The First Step…

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My needs are simple and few

A kettle of Tea and some Books to go through

Although I have been a passionate reader since childhood, but I have never been a big fan of books which fall under the mumbo-jumbo category of management and business. I could never fathom why millions of people would waste their time on such books when they have options like Tolkien and Rowling. Even in bookshops and libraries I used to maintain a safe distance from that particular section lest I be tempted by some esoterically titled book.

And then it all changed when I became a corporate dog. Often, in official parties name of some book would crop up, and when I displayed my ignorance towards the book colleagues and seniors would give me such pitiful looks as if not reading the book was the worse sin I could have committed .

My state at parties

Open minded person that I am, I thought I should give it a try. A “no strings attached” fling with books of such genre to start with and then see how things take forward from there.

Since my memory basically sucks, I thought it would be better to compile some important takeaways from each book I read. So that, I could quickly revisit them before some official party and bamboozle everyone with the knowledge of my management and business jargon.

3takeaways is an attempt towards that vision. Of course, each book has a large no. of new management concepts for a novice like me. But, I choose to list only 3 per book which I find the most impactful or which I could relate to the most. You may disagree with my choices and are welcome to post your opinion in comments or even better, start your own blog.

Hopefully the posts will be more useful than this stupid ranting.

A person who DOES NOT read is no better than a person who CAN NOT read.

Happy Reading!

Author: tYro

Just another blogger ... having an ordinary life, ok job, awesome frnds & some opinions...

One thought on “The First Step…

  1. tYro has a knack of writing the most common thoughts in simplest of forms which is why his blogs are easy to relate to. One such blog was “10 reasons to buy a PS3”, and I am writing this, while the next mission of GTA V loads.


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